How-To Tip Sheets

Tip sheets provide you with short, downloadable, and printable instructions for deepening your knowledge of MyMathLab for School. These tip sheets will help you discover some of the less prominent but powerful features of the program. They will also help you make more informed decisions regarding the settings and options you select for your online course.

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Access Management

Add a second teacher (or admin) to your course

Enroll in a second course or switch courses

Editing your account information



Add media to homework assignments

Assign orientation homework

Assign questions from other books

Assign sample assignments in a single batch process

Import assignments from other courses

Lock down a test or quiz

Set up personalized homework

Contact Pearson about issues with specific exercises



Adjust answer tolerance

Require students to show work online

Entering answers using mobile devices


Study Plan

Students: How to Use the Study Plan

Teachers: How to Use the Study Plan

Teachers: How to Create a Companion Study Plan



Import student results from one course into another

Export gradebook data


Reporting Dashboard

Exporting data from the Reporting Dashboard