How-To Videos

Learn about MyMathLab for School features and functionality by watching our targeted how-to presentations.


Setting Up Your Course

Using the student dashboard [3 min 14 sec]

Adding section instructors (legacy courses) [46 sec]

Adding section instructors (new design courses) [48 sec]

Making multiple copies of a course [43 sec]

Using the Study Plan Manager [1 min 55 sec]

What is the Continuously Adaptive Study Plan?


Creating Assignments

Using sample assignments [2 min 37 sec]

Creating a homework assignment   [3 min 6 sec]

Creating a test or quiz   [2 min 57 sec]

Creating a media assignment   [2 min 34 sec]

Creating a personalized homework assignment  [2 min 43 sec]

Assigning questions from other books [1 min 53 sec]

Viewing metrics, thumbnails, and finding accessible questions [1 min 38 sec]

Assigning "Show Work" questions [3 min 38 sec]

Changing due dates for multiple assignments [3 min 11 sec]

Change question settings (tolerance, credit for unsimplified answers, points, tries per part) [3 min 16 sec]

Change settings for multiple assignments [1 min 8 sec]

Using prerequisites [1 min 43 sec]

Setting a late submission penalty [1 min 34 sec]

Using browser lockdown [1 min 40 sec]



Gradebook Overview [3 min 42 sec]

Assignment Weighting [2 min 30 sec]



Navigating in New Design Courses [4 min 39 sec]


Modifying New Design Courses (MyMathLab and MyStatLab Only)

Customizing your course (Overview) [3 min 4 sec]

Renaming menu items [40 sec]

Rearranging menu items [1 min 30 sec]

Hiding menu items [45 sec]

Adding menu items [2 min 25 sec]

Archiving menu items [1 min]

Uploading files [1 min 3 sec]


Reporting Dashboard

General Overview [2 min 8 sec]

Overall Score Average and Distribution Report [2 min 23 sec]

Assignment Results Score Distribution Report [57 sec]